Designing Modern Enterprise SaaS Administration: Users and Access

Robust user access control can help prevent it or the least alert cybersecurity teams when a break occurs. We know what we’re talking about because Relevant has successfully developed many SaaS products for our clients. You’re welcome to read our case studies on end-to-end software development to see how we structured user access control, and it worked like a charm. If you need help with implementing user management features in your SaaS (or developing a SaaS application, for that matter), contact us now.

user management saas

System and network administrators use Universal Directory services to manage and control access for users to applications and infrastructure resources. To apply that principle, it’s important to get rid of all SaaS applications that lack logging capability. Next, you need to test whether the app integrations allow the current SaaS user management solution to issue notifications. With an average of over 100 SaaS apps in use by employees, IT teams can be completely overwhelmed.

What to Look for in a B2B SSO Solution

RBAC access management goes hand-in-hand with user management because every user in a SaaS must have at least one role, typically assigned when each user is created. The role of a user may be to create and manage other users, which is how admin users are Net Developer: Roles & Responsibilities, Skills, Salary, And More “born”. Every role beneath the super / system administrator (generally the role with the highest permissions in the SaaS) is usually defined and managed in the UX-designed admin panel. Permissible or accessed actions are simply called permissions.

The last but most important element of effective SaaS user management is the right sizing of costs. A consolidated view of all SaaS users and usage enables the CFO to reduce costs by optimizing licenses, eliminating unused subscriptions, negotiating contracts and consolidating vendors. On the other hand, a centralized tool to request new tools or renewals empowers employees to manage their own access, further reducing administrative overhead. Given how easy it is to try/buy SaaS, it is common for employees to sign up for multiple tools. However, they might not be actively using all of them or even find those they use satisfactory for their needs. A proper SaaS user management system should have a complete note of each SaaS application used or accessed.

What Is SaaS User Management?

Similarly, when an employee is onboarded, they need to be given access to applications as soon as they join. Only when you know what all applications are given access to, you can revoke the same when an employee leaves. Unrevoked licenses can lead to severe threats, and no company would want their ex-employee to have company information after they left the company. Without taking the employees into account, no IT strategy can succeed. Continuously monitor the SaaS tool stack to assess its relevance, usage and value.

user management saas

We highly recommend to use this company if you want the same benefits. It was a great pleasure working with Belitsoft software development company. New
requirements and adjustments were implemented fast and precisely. We can recommend Belitsoft
and are looking forward to start a follow-up project. Centralize all your vendor data across Shadow IT, software spend, license information, and app usage in one platform.

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They provide a user management admin portal that’s customer-facing and plug-and-play. They also make it possible to centralize your user management capabilities all in one place. Thus, Frontegg is a SaaS user management solution that is end-to-end. Management capabilities include subscriptions, API tokens, webhooks, audit logs, and team management. Enterprise-scale operations can go in many different directions on many levels. For example, here are some variations in user management in SaaS applications.

The initial question that this situation brings up is how will the account admin even be aware that an additional permission was requested. This important security and control concept means that we shouldn’t allow a user to do anything more in the system than is required by them in order to perform their jobs. We all understand that almost no SaaS solution will meet this rule these days, unless you are really investing in the logic and development of your Roles and Permissions. More often than not, this is not the case due to a plethora of limitations. Important information they can retrieve from the platform includes items like SaaS renewal dates, service usage by user and department as well as the names of application owners.

Why SaaS user management is important

They should have easy access to whatever they need to carry out their duties. Customers may wait days or weeks to access the software without precise SaaS user data management. Software management has become progressively more decentralized over the past few years. This is the fact that almost everyone believes they have the authority to acquire cloud-based software solutions to perform various operations. Duo’s access security protects any application against compromised credentials and endpoints, and its all-encompassing coverage makes it simple to meet compliance needs. Duo interfaces with applications natively to deliver flexible, user-friendly security that is simple to deploy and manage.

  • This is partly due to the fact that almost everyone feels empowered to procure cloud-based software solutions to get the job done.
  • From signup to checkout, Frontegg supports app builders by covering all the way from fundamental authentication flows to the most complex customer use-cases.
  • RBAC access management goes hand-in-hand with user management because every user in a SaaS must have at least one role, typically assigned when each user is created.
  • Due to the increasing adoption of SaaS applications, managing and securing these applications is an evaluative area for managed service providers (MSPs).
  • Considering that there are many other options out there for SaaS user management, you need to research to find out which solution is best for you.

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